Dermalogica Prescription Facials

What to expect:   Complimentary face-mapping analysis on every visit. This means a specifically tailored treatment each and every time.  Cosmetic electrotherapy will be incorporated into your treatment to further enhance the effects of products. LED Light Therapy is included in your ProSkin 60 treatment but will be an optional extra in the ProSkin30 treatment.  Resulting in the ultimate professional facial treatment with optimum results!


While your professional masque works its magic on your skin you will receive a complimentary Dermalogica Touch Therapy just let your therapist know before your treatment starts.


Dermalogica Prescription Bacial

The Fresh Bacial treatment is simply a facial for the back area, excellent for individuals with specific skin concerns on the upper back area.


INK London Gel Manicure & Pedicure

With each Gel Polish treatment at Fresh you will not just receive a nail file and your polish, you will receive a file, cuticle work INK London gel polish, cuticle oil and hand or foot cream on every visit.  You can also choose from our extensive range of foils, glitters or additives.


Paraffin Wax Treatment

Paraffin Wax can be used on most areas of the body and has many beneficial qualities.  As well as moisturising your skin it is also extremely beneficial for clients who suffer from arthritis or general muscle aches and pains.  During your paraffin wax treatment we can also use the infra-red heat lamp which will further benefit the treatment by adding extra heat to the affected area.



At Fresh Beauty we have chosen to use Perron Rigot Wax System.  Perron Rigot is a VEGAN wax and is designed for even the most sensitive of skins and developed to remove even the strongest of hairs providing the client with a more comfortable wax.  We only use strip wax on larger areas such as legs, arms & chest and hot wax will always be used on the face, underarms & intimate areas.  This will help to reduce redness and sensitivity.


During each massage we use our lovely prewarmed oil, after each massage we will use a hot steamed towel to wipe away any excess massage oil, we will then moisturise your skin with one of our lovely Dermalogica Body Moisturisers making your massage more luxurious and enjoyable.

If you choose to go for the full body experience you will also receive a complimentary 15 minute infra-red heat lamp on your back which will relax and warm the muscles helping to ease those aches and pains.

However if you like the sound of the heat lamp but only want a Back, Neck & Shoulder massage then you can add this onto your treatment and it will only cost you £7.00 extra.