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This Privacy Policy explains how we use any personal information we collect about you when you attend the salon for a treatment.



  • What information do I collect from you?

  • How will I use the information about you?

  • Marketing

  • Access to your information and correction

  • Changes to my privacy policy

  • How to contact me


What information do we collect from you?


I am required to collect certain information from all of my clients in relation to your treatment.  I will always ask for your name, address, telephone number and date of birth, contact telephone number and any medical information such as medication you are currently taking or any health issues.  This information is required for Insurance purposes should you encounter any problems during your treatment.

How will we use the information about you?

This information is required to ensure that we can perform the treatment you requested.  Certain treatment cannot be carried out if you have any contraindications that would mean that you could either suffer a serious side effect or could cause you to have a reaction and certain medications can cause a reaction to some of the products I use therefore I need to ensure that my clients will be safe and enjoy their treatment.  Some of the questions asked in your consultation form may seem personal but for the safety of both clients and myself I need to ask.

In the case of any issues in relation to your treatments I may need to contact my insurance company at which point I would be required to provide your personal and medical information detailed on your client record card and I may also need to pass this onto any legal entity if required.  In this instance you will be informed by me before any details are passed on.



I will store your information on our online booking system, Fresha.  Only your contact details will be on this system, your personal medical information will never be put on our online booking system.  Should you choose to opt in then I will send you automatic appointment reminders and may on occasion send you information on special offers I may be running.  You may also be contacted via Fresha in relation to your appointment asking for you to provide a review.

I will never share your information with any other third party companies for any reason.


Access to your information and correction.

I am legally required to hold your personal information for 7 years.  However if at any point you believe the information I am holding is incorrect you may request to see this and either have it corrected, deleted or destroyed.  At each appointment you will be shown your record card and asked if the information I am currently holding is correct and I can make any necessary adjustments.


Changes to our privacy policy

I will keep our privacy policy under regular review and will make you aware of any changes to my privacy policy via email or text.  This privacy policy was last updated on 4th October 2022.


How to contact me.

Please contact me if you have any questions in relation to the privacy policy or information I hold about you:

  • by email at

  • by phone on 07941565120

  • come into the salon or write to me at 7 Middlerigg Road, Balloch, Cumbernauld, G68 9DP

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